Special Winter Relief E-Arkive
If you’ve ever had company for a couple of days, you know how much work goes into hosting a successful visit. During Winter Relief, our Sanctuary becomes home for a group of 25 men that do not know “home.” We urgently need your help with many areas of this mission, and it’s not too late to get involved!  Thank you to the many Ark and Dove folks who have already signed up.  Please see the specific needs below and contact the specific coordinator to volunteer. 

Want to know more:  Winter Relief Planning Meeting Wednesday 10/15 at 7 pm at church.
More information for interested volunteers:  Meet briefly after the 11 am worship this Sunday. 
Two Critical Areas which need volunteers to coordinate
  • Morning Drive Coordinator: This person doesn’t need to drive any individuals.  The main role is to recruit morning drivers, arrive early in the morning at the church to coordinate the drivers’ arrival at the church, and oversee the assignment of guests to cars.
  • Laundry Coordinator: This person also would not necessarily need to transport individuals, but would need to help prepare for a Wednesday trip to a Laundromat in Glen Burnie.  Guests pack their laundry into large, black trash bags on Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning, the team lead would coordinate the transport of this laundry to the Laundromat.  Once there, church members need to be present while guests wash their clothes.  Church volunteers do NOT do any laundry for our guests, but are only there to assist or trouble-shoot.  After the laundry is complete and the guests have re-packed their bags, the laundry team brings the clothes back to Glen Burnie.

We need 2-3 drivers in the afternoon—drivers come at 4:30 pm to Arundel House of Hope—to bring our guests back to Ark and Dove.  To help out with the afternoon drive, contact Cliff Wellington clifford.wellington@verizon.net
We need many supplies, mostly baked goods, 25-count snack packs of cookies and chips, soda and water and lunch meats and bread.  See attached supply list.  To contribute any supplies, contact Donna Anderson donna.anderson30@aol.com
We need at least 1-2 more people including a man each night.   To really step up and help out, consider staying late or getting in (very) early.  Check in with Greg Saliby to see how to help!
sobergreek@hotmail.com / 443-624-7738
INTAKE/Afternoon Fellowship
We need 1-2 more people each afternoon beginning from 4:30 to 6:30 and on Saturday.  To see how you can help the intake team, contact Sue Hanburger  plum33eria@yahoo.com
We need a chief cook (meal coordinator) and team members for Saturday and some helpers/servers throughout the week.  To help the meal teams prepare and/or serve meals, contact Denise Grassel
We need 1-2 more people each night from 6:30-11 or anywhere in between.  To join in hosting activities in the evening, contact Briah Ryan briahlryan@gmail.com
To volunteer for the morning drive coordinator, contact Christian Noll
(And if you act NOW, you’ll get a free special offer of 200+ XP and 250% additional gratitude levels!) christian.noll@live.com  443-758-8708
We need 1-2 more drivers to help get our guests to and from showers at Meade Middle School on Tuesday and Thursday. Get in touch with Josh Ederheimer joshuaederheimer@aol.com
To make sure we end the week on a high-note, sign up to help make Sunday truly a special day.  Contact Linnie Girdner to see how just a couple of your hours can make a difference!
To get our building and grounds ready this Sunday after worship and after winter relief—next Monday and Tuesday, contact Mike Davie Davie1020m@aol.com
Next week, we will have an amazing opportunity to minister to others and follow the mission of Jesus’ work in the world.  This mission does not involve going to unsafe areas, working with dangerous individuals or traveling long distances.
The place of this mission is our own Sanctuary, as safe a location as we can possibly offer, where we will open our doors to men in need of shelter.  These men are clients of Arundel House of Hope, where they receive case management services and are screened for safety before being admitted into the shelter.  The only distance that we must travel is to Glen Burnie in the afternoon around 4:30 PM to open our car doors to these men and transport them back to the church, and once again in the morning between 6 and 7 AM
We ask that you open the door of your homes, and actively step through them to join us on this mission.  We ask that you go to open the doors of your cars to transport these men-in-need to our church.  We ask that you are here with us to welcome these men into the doors we open to our Sanctuary. We ask that you open the warm door to the oven to help feed our guests. We ask that you arrive to open the doors to your cars in the morning; to bring them back to Glen Burnie where they will continue their work with House of hope. 
This vital mission asks only one thing – that you open the door, and have the faith to take one step through. I can’t wait to see and share what lessons of love and ministry we discover together as we step forward!
Christian Noll
Winter Relief Coordinator