Dear Friends,
Thank you for an outstanding week of discipleship!  The Hosting of the Winter Relief Homeless Shelter was a wonderful example of servanthood on the part of the Ark and Dove Congregation and the friends and family you invited in to help share the work of hospitality.  We hosted about 25 men each night and they were able to spend their nights in a safe place after being well-fed and warmly greeted by a large team of church leaders and their teams.

Thank you to Team Leader Christian Noll and Mission Elder Donna Anderson for leading us through the long week. Thank you to the Team Leaders who excellently organized us into a very effective congregation: Sue Hanburger, Cliff Wellington, Briah Ryan, Greg Saliby, Denise Grassel, Mike Davie, Greg Makar, Linnie Girdner, Josh Ederheimer and Samantha Dewey. Thank you to Kathy Emmert who came from the Eastern Shore to work with the Gregs on night Chaperoning.  A special thanks to all night chaperones. Thank you to our Middle School Youth, our High School Youth, our Young Adult Group, our Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, our Saturday Morning Women’s Study Group and many others for cooking and assisting with meals. And Thank You to all who donated items and time, before and during the week.  You all were Ark and Dove at its best: Open Hearted Open Minded Disciples Carrying God’s Dream into the World.  

Peace of Christ,                                                                                          
Pastor Tim