Message from Pastor Jon

  Message from Pastor Jon  
Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,  
This coming Monday, October 9, we will welcome new friends who have been without a home into our church. We will provide shelter, comfort, food, necessities and fellowship. Winter Relief is an extraordinary event in the life of the church because we reach into the rich resources of this congregation and "entertain angels in our midst," as the writer of Hebrews puts it.
Winter Relief also gives us opportunity to connect as a church. As we come together to serve our guests, we come closer in community. We bond over meals, games, work and acts of compassion. Please sign up for a time to come by and enjoy fellowship with new and old friends. Thank you, Christine Caufield-Noll, Cheryl Schafer and Debbie Saylor for leading us in Winter Relief.
Tomorrow morning, we are calling on all willing persons to help clean and tidy the church for Winter Relief and our upcoming anniversary celebrations. We will begin at 8 am and work through the morning. Please contact our Facilities Elder, Rob Yaeger ( with any questions.

Pastor Jon