Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove Church,
Recently, I sat with a group of church leaders from our county in the Ark and Dove room on a weeknight. The church was buzzing with activity. Music was playing, small groups meeting, community groups organizing, and more. A member of the group said that she loves coming to our church on a weeknight to hear all the happy activity.
We have a reputation for being an "active" church and we don't get passive even when summer rolls around. There are friendships to be made, justice to be done, mission to be practiced, and worship to be experienced. I am glad that we are a church that recognizes there is much good to be done all year round.
This weekend, I invite all parents to a potluck this evening, 6 to 8 pm. Just bring a side dish. On Sunday morning, for a single service at 10 am, we will hear the story of Jonah as given to us in our children's musical. Following worship, we will host a needed forum on immigration issues from 2 to 4 pm. All rising 9th graders and high schoolers are invited to an end of year party to celebrate our graduated seniors at church, 5 pm to 7 pm.
This summer the faith-based organizations of the Arundel Industrial Areas Foundation are hard at good work. As you may know, we have listened to many people across the county tell us what changes they want done in Anne Arundel County. Many of you helped us listen to well over 300 people! On July 12 at 7 pm, we are gathering to declare what we have heard and take action. You will not want to miss this as hundreds of the concerned faithful of this county will gather to commission groups to tackle some of the concerns we have heard (such as education, mental health, drugs, infrastructure, and more). These groups will conduct research about issues of common concern so that we can act on them in the next months. If you have any questions about this gathering, please contact me or Cheryl Walcutt (
I hope as you look into this summer you see many opportunities to do the good work God calls you to do. I also hope that you see many scheduled times of rest and restoration.