Message from Pastor Jon

  Message from Pastor Jon  
Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,

Summertime is a season to loosen up, relax, and slow down. I don't know if that has been true for you or me, but it is often the case that we find downtime and vacation in the summer months--even if you're not a teacher, student, or parent.

When it comes to mid-August, I begin to think of the fall schedule. How will I spend my time? What is the best use of my time? But it is often the case that our schedules fill up before we are able to make decisions about them. Before this happens, I encourage you to spend time thinking and praying about your schedule.

It is easy to get stressed out about our schedules. We worry about how everything will get done. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus counseled his anxious and worried listeners. He told them, before anything else seek and strive after the way of God and then trust (Matt.6:33). When thinking about your time and how you'll manage it, seek first how you will invest in God's love, justice, and peace. Everything else follows.

As you think about how to best use your time, as you think about your schedule, consider first how you will live the love of God, do justice, and seek the peace of Christ in your day to day. When we do this, we will live fully and not just full lives.

Pastor Jon