Message from Pastor Jon

  Message from Pastor Jon  
Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
On Tuesday night, I invited our middle schoolers to share their definition of respect. We sat in a circle. Each person had a chance to speak. I was very inspired by what they said. To my left sat one of our eighth-graders. This is the way she answered, I paraphrase:
"Respect is when you listen to someone you disagree with, but you listen closely and are open to changing your mind."
Such wisdom, such truth from the young minds of our congregation. Others talked about countering bullying, telling the truth and helping people in need. Some talked about how disrespectful their peers can be. We talked about how church can be a alternative community of respect.
This is one of the reasons we do church: to be a community that embodies the values of Jesus and tries to live them in the world. I am grateful for many of our youth who are leading us in doing this.
I invite you to absorb the way of Christ in our many small group and fellowship opportunities offered below. For those interested in the church, we are holding a new members/inquirers class this Sunday and next (1/14 and1/21) from 12:15 to 2 pm, lunch and childcare provided. In addition, I ask that you support the work of our denomination in paying your per capita, which is $35. Your $35 goes to support the Presbyterian Church (USA), keeping us connected and faithful as a national church. The denomination asks that churches pay the per capita each year according to membership. Please do write your check, bring cash or pay online. You can do so here. 

Pastor Jon