Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove Church,
This week has been uplifting and encouraging.
During Vacation Bible School, adult and youth leaders have come together to create a wonderful program for children of our church and surrounding community. Each day, children have learned about certain animals that help hungry people. Through worship, crafts, recreation and stories, they have learned about hunger in the world and have been given ideas and opportunity to address it. The children are raising money to support Heifer International. There has also been a great Adult Education Class led by Cheryl Walcutt and Cheryl Schafer with over a dozen participants. I am grateful for all our leaders that made this wonderful week possible. They have worked hard and with joy. I am especially thankful for Christina Nelson and Laura Rockwell who planned this great experience.
On Thursday night, 45 leaders of Ark and Dove participated in an Industrial Areas Foundation action. There were nearly 500 people present from faith-based organizations around our county and also leaders of the national IAF training there to witness the action. We heard stories from people impacted by gun violence, unjust immigration laws, addiction, inadequate education, unaffordable housing and the difficulties of transportation. Hundreds of people, including many of our own, were commissioned to research teams to find ways we can address these issues. The organizations present promised to bring over 1,000 people to an action on October 4, where we will found the organization officially and take on one of the above issues. You will not want to miss this event. It will be newsworthy across the county.
If you were unable to participate in Vacation Bible School, be sure to talk to a child, youth or adult involved. You will be enriched. And if you were unable to come to the IAF action on Thursday night, talk to Pastor Tim, our team leader Cheryl Walcutt, me or the others who came to the gathering. You will be encouraged.
Ark and Dove never tires in being active. We are strong because we are engaged in good children's ministry and meaningful social action in our community. I am thankful you are a part of this place.
Please don't miss worship this Sunday, July 15. We have a guest preacher, Sarah Wilson, a charter member of Ark and Dove and seminarian at Union Theological in Richmond. We will benefit from her presence.