Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
"Wow! What a huge amount!" said the coordinator of the Christian Assistance Program at Severn United Methodist Church. That was after I told him that 1,350 cans of soup were coming his way this week. He suggested that Ark and Dove is the "Patriots" of the "Souper Bowl." His words, I promise, not mine.
Thank you for your great display of generosity. It is just one example of how we, as a congregation, are responsive to need. Hunger and malnutrition, as our middle schoolers learned in LOGOS this week, is a growing concern for our county. "The Souper Bowl of Caring" is a charity that increases our awareness of this big social concern. In acts of charity, we are made more mindful of those who receive our gifts. Ever more mindful, we can act with greater intention. As William Sloane Coffin Jr. argued, who you will hear about this week in worship, the church ought to be more about justice than charities.
The stairs of our sanctuary are now bare and the pantry shelves are full. This is good work we have done. Yet still, let those empty steps remind us that there is ever more work to be done.