Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
One of the great things about Ark and Dove is that you are a congregation that shows up. When there is need to act or speak out, you are faithfully present. The most recent example of this was at our ACT launch, on October 4th, when you showed up and then some. Last year, more than 100 Ark and Dovers were there to support 25 men experiencing homelessness as they found a home in our building for Winter Relief. Already, many of you have made promises to be there for 25 new guests arriving this coming Monday evening, October 15. Your faith is not without action.
This is more important than we often think. We live in a time when public promises are made and broken, when values are claimed but not lived, and when convictions are not carried out when it is uncomfortable. When you step out and act, you show that you really mean what you believe and say. Many who are homeless are used to Christians who call themselves compassionate, but are more often callous. Your presence at Winter Relief tells our guests that Christians are caring and hospitable people. You know the saying: actions speak louder than words.
Our LOGOS program is another example of how we back up our values. At LOGOS, we demonstrate our conviction that children are claimants of God's kingdom. By showing up, Tuesday after Tuesday, our adults tell our youth that they really matter. The more adult involvement, the more we improve the program, the better we say to our children that they are worth the best we can give them. Please consider coming and investing in our LOGOS program, it is worth your time.
Thank you for being faithful in action.