Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
There has been a lot of positive reaction to, and conversations generated by, our modern prophets preaching series, which continues for three more weeks.  The conversations are most welcome.  Each of the modern prophets challenges some of the general assumptions that both the church and our society hold, so they can be inspiring, moving and annoying (particularly when they bump into a mental mindset or construct with which we are personally comfortable).
This week our modern prophet is Sister Helen Prejean who asks us to rethink our assumptions about criminal justice and punishment.  Next Sunday, February 24, writer, poet, professor, farmer and activist Wendell Berry challenges us around the value of community and family as well as stewardship of the land. 
Speaking of stewardship, our Stewardship Team has a letter for us to read just below. I encourage you to read it and ponder on gratitude and generosity.