Message from Pastor Tim

  Message from Pastor Tim  
Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,  
As you are likely aware, we are in the middle of hosting the Winter Relief shelter for men who are  homeless.  We partner with Arundel House of Hope to support up to 26 men per night.  All is going quite well thanks to the very hard work of our co-chairs Cheryl Schafer and Debbie Saylor, and Mission Elder, Christine Caufield-Noll as well as all their team leaders.  Well over 100 people have participated in hospitality, and we have three nights to go--it truly is a community project.  Thank you for supporting this ministry with your generosity and your sweat equity.

A word about Sunday: the men have a choice about whether they stay at church or head out to visit family and friends.  Usually about half stay with us and up to 10 come to worship.  The women's room to the right of the front door is changed to a men's room, so all girls and women need to use the lobby women's room.  Our guests have been very respectful, and I want to remind you that Arundel House of Hope does NOT accept sex offenders in this program.  In general, we have always felt very safe and worship will be, as always, at 9:30 and 11:00.  This is a great thing you are undertaking.

A reminder that Sunday October 22 is our 25th Anniversary Sunday with a 6:00 pm Silver Celebration dinner.  Tickets can be purchased online by clicking HERE.

Thanks for being Ark and Dove.  You shine!
Looking forward to some harp music, by Anastasia Pike, this Sunday at the 9:20 service. 
In Christ,
Pastor Tim