Message from Pastor Tim

  Message from Pastor Tim  
Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
A man was coming out of a Baptist church one day, and the minister  was standing at the door, as he always was, to shake hands with the worshipers.  He grabbed an infrequent attender by the hand and pulled him aside. The preacher said to him, "Son, you need to join the army of the Lord."

The man replied to him , "I'm already in the army of the Lord, Preacher."

So the Minister inquired, "Then how come I don't see you except at Christmas and Easter?'

The man whispered back, "Because I'm in the secret service."

Now some people who claim to be in the secret service are just joshing, but at Ark and Dove we do have a secret service that works quietly in the background caring for people.  We call them the Stephen Ministers, and they are among the best trained leaders in the church. They support people in one-on-one relationships.  Their work of walking alongside people in certain seasons of their faith journey is confidential, but it's an important part of our congregation's life.

Our goal, as a church, is to increase the number of Stephen Ministers we have because we know there are more needs in the congregation. Our Stephen Ministry leaders are planning an information meeting for Monday evening August 7 and 7PM.  I hope you will consider joining this secret service.  Their ministry is very valuable.  For more information see the article in this edition of the e-Arkive.

Peace of Christ,
Pastor Tim