Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
The Season of Advent preparations has arrived and how might we approach these days of waiting?  Some bible stories call us to watch. Some call us to hope.  Some say God comes like a thief in the night and so maybe we should be suspicious? Yeah, maybe, Advent calls us to be suspicious for the holy. God may surprise us. God may break in just when we least expect it. If we are sensitive to the many ways that Jesus the Dayspring disperses gloomy clouds, then the light of Christmas can break in. God comes near to us in incarnations everyday. God comes to us in all kinds of seemingly ordinary events. The fact is that God Godself, in God’s deep mercy and great power, took it upon Godself to become a human being. By this we are shown that God is in the world, conceivable and visible. We may notice, or we may walk clueless right by the stable. I guess we need to keep our hearts and eyes wide open. Maybe we will see the unexpected in worship this Sunday or in the afternoon Advent Celebration? Maybe we will find a trace of holy at work or at school?  I’ll bet that if attentive, we will.
Advent is a time of waiting in watchful hope, but, I wonder, who is doing the waiting? I wonder who it is that is suspicious? I wonder if Advent waiting isn’t more a case of God waiting for us; God suspicious that we might get it; waiting for us to recognize the image of God in our neighbor, in each person; God waiting for us to wake up and realize that we can’t keep treating our planet and our neighbors like we do.   
I suspect Advent goes both ways.