Catch the Joy! 2016-2017

  Catch the Joy! 2016-2017  

Catch the Joy!  If you've been to church or read the e-Arkive in the last few weeks, you've probably heard the news - our Stewardship theme for this year is Catch the Joy!  Here at Ark and Dove, we have much to be joyful about... joyful music at both services, joyful faces of children at VBS, LOGOS, and Sunday School, joyful reports of lives changed through GenOn and mission trips and homes built with Habitat for Humanity.  We have incredible pastors and deacons and Stephen Ministers who care for us through times of both joy and difficulty, and we have a building that allows us to serve homeless men during Winter Relief and provides a place for community groups to meet and fellowship and get to know each other and our God more deeply.  That's only the beginning - and it is through your faithful giving that all of this is possible.

This year as we reflect on the many ways that God uses our gifts to grow us in ways that inspire joy, we also have been working to discern the best way to manage the gifts that allow us to do all of these things.  For many years, we have maintained two separate funds - one that pays for the mission and ministry operations of the church, and one that pays for the mortgages, maintenance, and building expenses of the church.  This is confusing for many, and creates an unnecessary administrative burden of maintaining and generating reports for two separate funds... when, really, both of those funds are working toward the same goal of paying for the church's daily operations.  So, this fall, we will combine them.

What does this mean?  This means that when you fill out your pledge card this year, you won't have to agonize over how much of your pledge to put in each fund - it will all go to a single fund that will pay for all of the expenses that we have for our current building, mission, and ministry.  A single combined fund, a single combined pledge.

In this season of joyful reflection, we also look forward to the opportunity to do more - to have additional classrooms that can host more adult, youth, and community activities, to have a larger lobby area for fellowship on Sunday mornings... perhaps even to have showers for when we host Winter Relief or other visiting groups.  Our current pledging covers our current mission and ministry operations and building expenses, but does not provide much extra to put toward a building savings fund, so we'll have to find another way to make this happen.  

Since we don't want to take on another mortgage, in the spring we will launch a new campaign with the specific goal of saving for a building expansion. When we have the money for the expansion, then, and only then, will we build.  And when that day comes, what a joyful day it will be!

We hope you will join us in reflecting on the many ways that God is at work at Ark and Dove - in the life of this congregation and the many, many others whose lives we touch every day.  We hope you will share those stories of joy. And we hope that as you consider your financial commitment to the work of this church in the next year, you will continue to offer your generous support so that together we can help spread that joy to others.

~ Amy Carskadon, Discipleship Elder,