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(ZOOM) Lent: Jesus and the Disinherited


7:30 PM

LENT 2021

Who was Jesus and who would he identify with today? What does he say to encourage us in the ongoing struggle for justice in our world? Do his teachings apply to the fear, deception, and hate we experience today? Howard Thurman, the great spiritual guide of the civil rights movement, answers these questions in his classic little book, Jesus and the Disinherited. Martin Luther King Jr. studied it during the Montgomery bus boycott and drew much from it. We can learn so much from Thurman today.

As we journey in faith through this Lenten season, let Howard Thurman be your guide. He will help us see Jesus more clearly and follow him more closely. Pick up Jesus and the Disinherited wherever you buy books, and we will discuss each short chapter during Lent in small groups.

Please sign up for one of the following small groups by contacting the group leader:

·         Fridays 7:30 pm, beginning February 19 to March 19:

·         Tuesdays 7:30 pm, beginning February 23 to March 23:

·         Wednesdays 10 am, beginning February 24 to March 24:

·         Thursdays 7:30 pm, beginning February 25 to March 25: