Vacation Bible School
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Our theme this year is Passport to Peace. Through daily Bible stories and activities, children entering PreK (ages 3 and 4) to 5th grade will learn that there are many opportunities and ways to live as peacemakers.  Passport to Peace invites children to see every person as part of God’s family and every interaction as an opportunity for peacemaking.


Over the course of five nights, children will “travel” to a different continent each night. Arrival includes Check In, Boarding and Take Off, then children will move through three different Destinations: Bible Beach, Creator’s Canyon, and Move-it Mountain, and finally close with Departure. Children will check in and depart from the sanctuary.  Destinations will be both indoors and out.  A special snack will be served each evening. We hope to see you there!


Please complete the registration form for each child that plans to attend. Guests are very welcome.  Please be sure to complete the registration for them as well.


Questions should be directed to Sara Fox,