LOGOS Children and Youth
LOGOS is our weekly children and youth program at Ark and Dove


LOGOS is Ark and Dove's children's program for ages Pre-K through 6th grade that engages our youth in the life of the church, providing opportunities to learn about God, to have fun, and to create lasting relationships with others. This year it will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:15pm starting September 26th through the end of March. On the third Tuesday of every month we will provide a family-style dinner for LOGOS kids, their families, and other volunteers at 6:20pm. LOGOS is a great way to grow your relationship with God and others at Ark and Dove.

Sign up to register HERE.

One of the LOGOS core goals is to facilitate the development of strong Christian relationships between youth and between generations. With that in mind, we ask that at least one adult from each registered family sign up to volunteer. There are lots of different opportunities for participation this year, including some that are only once a month, check out our sign up genius HERE. We would LOVE to have other members of the church volunteer as well including our older youth and seniors!

Email logos@arkanddove.org for any questions.




Everyone is to treat everyone else as a Child of God.
No one has the right to treat anyone else as if they do not matter.


LOGOS is a dynamic ministry of Christian nurture that involves the whole congregation, with the goal of nurturing our youth into a personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

LOGOS is a mid-week ministry intended to run parallel to the school year, with weekly Tuesday meetings beginning in mid-September and running until the beginning of April.  It is composed of four concentrations: Bible Time, Worship Skills, Family Time (family-style dinner) and Recreation.

Our LOGOS program at Ark and Dove is for preschoolers to 5th graders with nursery care provided for volunteers.

LOGOS is not meant to replace Sunday School. Rather, it is another area of education - one that allows for the development of strong Christian relationships between youth, between adults, and between youth and adults. Parents, single adults, grandparents, couples without children, and pastors - all join together sharing their gifts and talents.

LOGOS literally means "The Word". In John 1:1 -18 states: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us..." The LOGOS program is one way of continuing the experience of the incarnation of Christ.