Children's Sunday School (Godly Play)
Sunday School and Godly Play classes are starting! Leaders still needed! We are currently offering classes for children in grades PreK-Grade 8 during our in person/livestream worship service at 10:30. Parents/guardians will be asked to complete a registration form before children attend. You may fill it out HERE or in person on Sunday morning prior to service. After the children’s message any participant in Sunday School will be led to their outdoor location by the teachers. Masks are required. After service children can be retrieved by the adult indicated on their registration form. We are still in need of leaders to help “teach” these classes. Please contact Amy Tardiff at if interested.


When you enter the room one of the first things you may notice is the dimmed lighting, or perhaps the open floor set-up.  The perimeter of the room is made up of shelves containing story materials, some on trays and others in boxes, each in its place depending on what kind of story it is -- Old Testament, New Testament, Parable or Worship story. There’s even a special box containing the “dangerous sands” of the desert where many of the stories take place.  

The door person meets the children as they come from the sanctuary following the children’s message, welcoming them as they prepare to enter the classroom. When they are ready the children are introduced and welcomed into the circle as the class prepares for the story.  The storyteller then presents the story using different articles made from wood, felt, and other fabrics and materials. The attention is kept on the story pieces and eye contact is avoided so that the children can focus on the actions and language of each lesson.  

After the story there are the wondering questions.  The storyteller might ask “I wonder which part of the story was your favorite? The most important?” Sometimes there is much wondering and little talk, and other days the children are brimming with their interpretations of the story, sharing their impressions and feelings. After the story and wondering are finished the children are invited to choose their work. Each class is stocked with painting and drawing materials, clay, journals and books.  Some children will decide to use one of the story sets. The choice is theirs.

The children clean up their work and everyone comes together into the circle again for prayers and the feast.  While the rest of the congregation is in the lobby, following service, the Godly Play classes are enjoying the same time of fellowship in their classrooms. Goodbyes are said and the children are dismissed.

Our Godly Play team is always looking for more participants and will gladly introduce you to the methods. A great way to get involved and ease into things is to be a greeter. Maybe you will enjoy the experience and decide to participate as a storyteller. I wonder….
~Amy Tardiff,