Associate Pastor Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson serves as Associate Pastor at Ark and Dove. Jon is energetic, but thoughtful and attentive to how God’s Spirit is at work now and where it is leading us. He is also attentive to our faith history and theology. He has intentionally decided to conduct ministry in challenging settings, like a neonatal intensive care unit and a homeless shelter, but his care has made people aware of the love of God in those places. He has experience as a Christian educator with different age groups, and has shown he can lead CE in a way that gets people to open up and explore faith together. He is keenly interested in connecting our faith with daily life, and helping people discuss and discover their faith and gifts, and to perform and be changed by ministry.

Prior to joining Ark and Dove, Jon served as a Chaplain Resident in Women’s and Pediatrics at Duke University Hospital (Durham, North Carolina) and was an active leader, teacher, and preacher in the New Hope Presbytery.  He was also a Campus Ministry leader at Duke University, a teaching assistant at Duke Divinity School, and an Adult Education leader for his local congregation. Jon has also been active in homeless ministry and advocacy. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications (Anderson University), a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and Master of Theology from Duke University Divinity School.

Jon is married to Christina, an elementary school teacher and piano teacher. They met during high school in Massachusetts through their congregation’s youth music group. Jon is a dedicated runner, life-long learner, music lover, and someone who really enjoys a good laugh.

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