Ark and Dove Currents
Arkive September 18, 2020
This week's postlude is an arrangement of the 'The Lord Is My Shepherd', in the setting of Handel's 'Ombra Mai Fu' from the opera, Xerxes. You may ahve head 'Ombra Mai Fu' at a wedding in the past as instrumental music, although it is justifiably famous as a vocal aria as well. The gentle pulse of the accompaniment chords serve as a peaceful backdrop to the hymn and call to mind some of the more pastoral imagery of Psalm 23. I hope you find it both meditative and joyful.
Director of Music
This week the band recorded 'Desert Song' by Hillsong United. It speaks of being in the wilderness and, through belief and faith, God providing protection and what's needed during difficult times. Just as Moses and the Isrealites experienced, after escaping Egypt. They were complaining about needing food and other things, and with faith in the Lord, they were provided with what they lacked. The prelude is a short piece by composer Carlo Domeniconi, 'A Rose in the Garden'. Though we can find ourselves in a garden or jungle, there is always faith and beauty to be found to remind us that even in the thick of it, God is with us.
God bless!
Director of Contemporary Music
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Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost
All are welcome! Join livestream worship at 10:00 am.
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Peaceful Demonstration
1,000 Men March
Ark and Dove members and friends are invited to participate in the 1,000 Men March in Annapolis on September 19. The march is not only for men; all are welcome. Masks and 6’ social distancing are mandatory. For more details or to march with other Ark & Dovers, please email Jen Roman or text 443-758-3273.
Spiritual Path
Join us September 22 for an outdoor intergenerational worship experience to kick off LOGOS 2020. Nine stations will be set up outside on our property focusing on a fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). Each station will have activities for all ages to engage. This is not just for LOGOS families—everyone from church is invited to attend! Show up any time between 4-6 pm. Please bring a mask to wear and plan to socially distance. Questions? Contact Pastor Jon (
Weekly Lessons and Activities
LOGOS is Ark and Dove's midweek intergenerational experience for children and youth up to 8th grade. It is a time for all ages to come together to learn about God and grow in their relationships. Unlike previous years, we will not be meeting in the church building. Instead, each week will have a different family-centered activity to do either at home or outside at church. There will be crafts, games, bible study, and opportunities for worship and mission. If you’d like to get on the weekly emailing list, please contact Amy Goldberg at If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Jen Roman at
Our Church Home
Indoors and Outdoors!
Want to get involved? Join the Facility’s Team! We take care of the beautiful building and grounds of Ark and Dove. Come help the Facilities Ministry support the congregation and our community by keeping our facilities in good working order. No experience needed, we have both indoor and outdoor teams. Please contact Autumn at
Christian Education
Book Group Coming Soon on White Too Long!
White Christian America Needs a Moral Awakening is the headline of The Atlantic article by Robert P. Jones. In his new book, White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity, Jones describes how white supremacist ideology and white Christian theology have been and continue to be interwoven in ways that uphold white supremacy. He calls us to examine our faith with a moral lens that can help us work toward a "right relationship with our fellow citizens, with ourselves, and even with God." Whether you read the article or the book, or don't do either, you are invited to bring your open mind and open heart to our next book group zoom meeting on Wednesday, September 30th at 7pm. To sign up, please email Jon Nelson ( or Kim Champagne (
CONFLICTED: Exploring Conflict and How it Might Help Us Today
We are embroiled in conflict. As a nation, we are at odds with others and our own. As citizens, we are polarized. As a Church, we differ from one another. As families, we fight. In this pandemic, international and national conflicts have increased. During this racial reckoning, divisions have widened. How do we handle these conflicts?
Join us for a 5-week course addressing biblical and contemporary conflicts from the international to the interpersonal. Each week, we will study certain conflicts to see how we might deal with the ones we face today.
  • Week Two: National Conflicts (The Tulsa Massacre and the Genocidal Scheme against the Jews)
  • Week Three: Local Conflicts (Resource Disputes and Tax-Collectors)
  • Week Four: Church Conflicts (Inclusive Christianity and Gentile Christians)
  • Week Five: Interpersonal Conflicts (Political Arguments and Family Disputes)
This class will be co-led by Katie Nilsen Johnson (who recently earned a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies), Grant Johnson, and Pastor Jon. We meet on Tuesdays at 7:30pm, through October 13th. All are welcome, even if you can't attend all the sessions! Please contact Pastor Jon for a Zoom link (
Adult Cyber Education Opportunity from the Discipleship Ministry
With so much of our personal and professional business conducted online, it is more important than ever to maximize our awareness of personal safety and security risks associated with using the internet. Please join us for a 3-part Online Computer Safety class on September 22, 29, and October 6 at 8PM via ZOOM.
The following topics will be discussed:
  • September 22, PHISHING: Ark and Dove has experienced several of phishing attacks. What is phishing and how do you protect yourself from it?
  • September 29, SOCIAL MEDIA SECURITY: What are the threats and what can you do to protect your personal data from being shared without your permission?
  • October 6, HACKING METHODOLOGY: A higher level technical presentation of how a hacker can infiltrate a home router and information on how to protect your home network.
Please contact Tricia Gray ( with any questions.
Lectionary Bible Study
Every Wednesday at 10 am, we gather online for fellowship, Bible study on the upcoming Sunday scriptures, and prayer. This has been and continues to be a great way to deepen friendships and faith. Please join us, there is no commitment or homework. Contact Pastor Jon for the Zoom invitation (
Being Grateful in Difficult Times
Coming in October!
We all know the joy of a surprise gift, good news, or a great achievement -- all of those things eliciting feelings of gratitude. But these days, full of grief, worry, and uncertainty did not easily nurture a sense of thanks. Indeed, they seem to be gnawing away our hearts and our hopes.
So what of gratitude now? When we don't feel grateful? In a 6-part course based on her recent book, Grateful, Diana Butler Bass takes us into a journey to understand what gratitude is, how it can strengthen us as individuals and in community, and the surprising ways in which it subverts hopelessness and injustice. In addition to lectures and mini-practice sessions, Diana will be joined by other writers in conversation about how giving thanks has made a difference in their own lives.
Join us for this course wherein, we will watch brief videos and have discussion over the content. Purchasing Bass’ Grateful, will be helpful but not necessary. Class size is limited to 25. Please contact Kim Champagne to sign up (
Peace and Global Witness
Now may the Lord of peace give you peace at all times in all ways. -2 Thessalonians 3:16
This month we continue collecting Peace and Global Witness Offering. This offering will be used to support ACT as we support peace in Anne Arundel County. The 2020 Peace and Global Witness Offering encourages the church to cast off anxiety and fear, discord and division and embrace God’s mission for peace to those around the corner. Shaping a foundation for peace starts with honest conversations and shared experiences. When we share, we carry each other’s burdens, advocate for one another, and share each other’s hopes. Faith groups around Anne Arundel County have come together to share what is important to residents of Anne Arundel County. The Peace and Global Witness Offering unites our church with other faith groups and partnerships as we reach out to people who long for peace and reconciliation. Blessed are the peacemakers. Please give generously, as we promote peace in Anne Arundel County. You may donate online, by text (text amount followed by peace to 410-983-3481), or by check. Thank You, Cheryl Schafer, Mission Elder,
Sunday Classes and Fellowship
Godly Play
Our Sunday school program for grades K-5 takes place via Zoom each Sunday from 9:00- 9:40 am. Our host welcomes the child(ren), the storyteller tells a story and then leads the children in reflection and wondering. Normally, our class would involve a work/creative response time as well, so our Godly Play team has put together response bags containing art supplies and other materials for the children to keep at home for personal use. If you are interested in getting a bag for your child(ren), or you have any questions about Godly Play or would like to be put on our list to receive zoom invitations, please contact Julie Devers, Christian Education Elder, at
Sunday Fellowship!
Sunday Fellowship after the live-stream church service continues! Via a ZOOM meeting, of course. If you'd like to join in for some light conversation and have a chance to see some familiar faces, simply send an email to to request an invitation. We will then send you a link to the Zoom meeting. You only need to do this one time, and you can use the same link each week. The meetings begin around 11:15 each Sunday. It will be great to "see" you! Nicole Howe,
Tea at Three
Friendly Seniors
Thursdays at 3:00 pm on Zoom. Please contact Pastor Tim ( to receive an invitation.