Ark and Dove Currents
Arkive July 12, 2019
This Sunday, July 14, is a single service. It will be held at 10 am! Make sure to set your alarms and mark your calendars. The band and choir will be providing the music for the service, and we will be doing a combined anthem!
This Sunday will be the last Sunday for our drummer, Brendan Betyn. He is moving back to Michigan for work opportunities. Please join me in thanking Brendan for all his years of providing worship leadership through music ministry. He will be sorely missed!
God bless,
Director of Contemporary Music
DONATE ONLINE! Per capita, pledged and un-pledged, one-time and recurring! Click HERE to donate online today!
TEXTING YOUR DONATIONS to 410-983-3481. You can text one-time or recurring donations to this number. Text Give to get started. Text Commands for more options. Questions? Please contact Alta Paronto, church treasurer,; or Wendy Wellington,
June Financial Update
Year to date budget on giving 
Year to date actual giving         
Shortfall as of June 30, 2019        
Giving is a spiritual practice and one of the six marks of discipleship.
Thanks to all who have paid their per capita. Per capita is our contribution to the mission of the larger church.This year's allocated per member amount is $37. We are just shy of $6000 collected toward our expected total of approximately $10,000. If you are a member, you are invited to contribute $37. Please mark the check or envelope or text as per capita.
We are also continuing to receive pledge cards. If you contribute through EFT, you are also invited and encouraged to turn in a pledge card. July is the month when people who are on vacation tend to fall behind in their giving--don't let this be you! Set up EFT or auto-bill pay or just pay in advance :). We did receive 4 more pledges, but have many regular givers who have not yet completed a pledge card. Giving is a spiritual practice and one of the six marks of discipleship. 
Our Stewardship team will be meeting over the summer to plan upcoming activities. If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out to Steve Debus at or Julia Kirby at We have a fun team and would welcome others to join us. Our focus is on the holistic practice of giving and sharing our financial capacity with the congregation to meet our needs. ~ Julia Kirby
Flocks Thrive When They’re Well Provided For
When I returned to religion and started attending Ark and Dove two years ago, I was resistant to officially joining the church. I love my previous church, my grandparents’ and mother’s home church, where I was baptized as a baby and where I learned and grew as a college student. Changing my membership felt like a cut tie to a place I called home, even though I hadn’t lived there in nearly a decade. But I prayed about it and the Lord spoke three words to me: sheep need flocks
So, two years ago this June, I joined the Ark and Dove flock. But as sheep need flocks, they also need pastors and a place to grow and live. And if the sheep are going to do anything beyond leveling lawns, there are costs. If we want to worship God the way we do; to invite new sheep into the flock and to raise lambs; to go out into the world and ensure other sheep are protected and fed; to act in the way we believe pleases and honors our Creator and Savior, well, the flock’s going to have to have a budget.
I think everyone operates best when they have an element of financial certainty, which is why we ask for pledges. We’ve done the research, gone out and met with as many people as possible, and done a song and dance number trying to collect pledges; we’re still short. If you have already turned in your pledge card, thank you. If you keep meaning to and keep forgetting, don’t feel sheepish! Please see the seat in front of you; we’ve stuffed extra cards in there for you to quickly fill out and turn in via collection plate, handing it to a stewardship team member, shove it under Pastor Tim’s door, tape it to the wall, we’re flexible.
Sheep need flocks. Flocks thrive when they’re well provided for: children’s programs, worship music, bible study groups, services that encourage and empower us, personal development, outreach and mission. Thank you for all ewe do and give to Ark and Dove, and I apologize for all of the ba-a-a-ad sheep references. Caroline Jones,
Children's Book Drive through July 31
Thank you so much for your generous response to the Book Drive for Children of Women incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women and their Corrections Officers. You have donated over 200 new or like-new books, which will be cherished by the children and will help build bonds between moms and their kids. We'll be continuing with the book drive through the end of July. There is a box in the lobby for your donations. Thank you, again for your caring and love. Caroline Price-Gibson (308-380-4699,
Featured item for July—CANNED FISH (tuna, salmon, etc). Please drop off food items in the Mission Zone bin. Thank you for your donations
Outreach and Connection
Book Club
This July we are reading Why Religion? by Elaine Pagels. Please pick up the book wherever you get them and join us July 28th for a bagged lunch discussion.
The Voyagers' Men's Group
You are invited to a BBQ at Ed Barrett's place on July 13, 6 pm. We will also watch They Shall Not Grow Old, an amazing film with genuine footage from WWI, which has been colorized and transformed with modern production techniques. Please contact Ed Barrett ( with any questions. 
Mission Ministry
Racial Justice Essay Contest
The Equal Justice Initiative in partnership with our local Connecting the Dots: Remembrance and Reconciliation Project is pleased to announce a scholarship contest open to 9th–12th grade students attending public high schools in Anne Arundel County during the 2018-2019 school year. Prizes totaling at least $5,000 will be awarded to winning participants. Essays are due on August 7th. Any questions, please contact Linnie Girdner, point of contact for Connecting the Dots, at or Gabrielle Daniels, EJI Essay Coordinator, at
Race and Racial Justice
PCUSA has partnered with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) to advance the Race and Racial Justice actions of the 222nd GA. Scroll down on the PCUSA Presbyterian Disaster Assistance webpage to see the list of actions as well as the description of SURJ mission and values. Here are two ways in which you can be involved:
CHANGE IN VENUE: Local SURJ: Attend the Workshop on Community Safety and Policing: Sunday, July 14, 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the 1701 Belle Drive in Annapolis. Who you gonna call? At this interactive workshop, we will work as a group to explore threats to safety and the resources available to residents that are appropriate to contact in various situations. When do the police need to be called and when are other choices better? What risks are involved in making different choices and how do those risks impact different populations? We will end by brainstorming goals and commitments that we can each take home. Light refreshments will be served. If you have any questions or want to RSVP email or Linnie at
National SURJ: Sponsor an Asylum Seeker: In light of the recent news about the immigration crisis, I wanted to remind everyone of an opportunity to help. National SURJ, Freedom for Immigrants, and Innovation Labs have collaborated on a program that is seeking US citizens and legal permanent residents willing to host an asylum-seeking individual or family in their home. If you’d like to learn more about what this involves, please contact Jen Roman at