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Samaritans Today! A New Mission Commitment
The current global health crisis has many community groups seeking ways to persevere and also to assist those affected by the economic fallout of this disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many unemployed and hungry and not sure when or where their next meal will come from. Ark and Dove has demonstrated leadership during this time in moving our services and programs online, in order to meet the needs of our community, while also working to defeat the virus through social distancing. We want to do more. We want to demonstrate a renewed mission and focus to ease the financial distress experienced by some members of our church family, as well as to be a community partner to local organizations and feed the hungry. That is the ask—a stewardship effort that sustains our church, eases the adverse economic impact on those in our congregation, and provides as many meals as possible to those who are hungry. We strive to be the Good Samaritans—today!
Ark and Dove has had one of the strongest starts in meeting our commitments for pledged giving this first quarter of 2020. We sincerely THANK YOU!  This financial support has enabled us to plan, adapt and take action to stay relevant so that lives are transformed and God’s dream is carried into the world in the face of these daunting and unprecedented times. We are somewhat unique in that we both receive and contribute gifts through our missions. Sustaining these financial commitments allows us to focus on our mission to support our local food pantries and to feed the hungry.
We have all been touched by this crisis. We all have someone in our lives who is experiencing illness or job loss due to the devastation of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the resulting economic fallout and havoc many are confronting continues to unfold, making the challenges we struggle with truly uncharted in these unprecedented times. While the duration and outcomes are elusive, we stand firm in our unwavering faith with a constant desire to reach out to help those around us in need. The Good Samaritan way is fully known to us and ingrained in our spiritual consciousness.
With this knowledge Ark and Dove has established Samaritans Today! a new stewardship effort that sustains the church, contributes to the deacons’ fund to help ease the strain suffered by members of our church family, and provides support to our community through partnerships in feeding the hungry in our local communities.
Samaritans Today! incorporates our prior stewardship effort to support our local food pantries like CAP, but extends that for more direct support to our community.  We encourage ongoing non-perishable food contributions that can be dropped off at the church. We also need funding, so that we can supplement these donations and transform them into providing balanced meals. We are partnering with other local congregations to distribute food directly into adversely impacted neighborhoods.  We hope to be able to join them, as volunteers, in the distribution as well.  This new mission-giving opportunity will provide hope and support through Ark and Dove’s existing mission and ministry programs for both those within our church, as well as those in our community, who are suffering as a result of this pandemic.  We want to transform your generosity into as many meals as we are able. No child should wonder if they will get to eat today. You can make a difference.
This is how we can be the Samaritan. For those who are able—first we must meet or exceed our current pledged giving. We have members that are blessed with continued employment during this crisis and acknowledge that there are those that can no longer contribute. We can be leaders in this time of need by maintaining and increasing our contribution to cover the losses. This allows us to sustain our church and direct our focus to the mission "feed the hungry." We do this by considering what we can contribute to Samaritans Today! which helps us achieve a goal of providing the equivalent of 2020 meals in the next few months.  At a minimum, 50% of all donations to this fund will go towards the food pantry distributions. Your contributions will go a long way to making a positive difference in the lives of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. And finally, if you can share your time and talents, there are volunteer opportunities. Please contact mission elder, Cheryl Schafer, for more information.  The Good Samaritan did not call for help, but rather stopped and provided his love and care first, then applied his generosity by paying the innkeeper.
When we all aspire to be the Good Samaritan, God envisioned us to be, supporting and showing those among us that they are loved, heard, valued, and supported, we will ALL walk away from this with our faith in God, and each other, truer and richer than before.
You will be enriched in every good way for your generosity….
- 2 Corinthians 9:11
In faith,
Steve Debus, Joe Gray, Tricia Gray, Diane Johnson, Bruce Sanders and Doug Walcutt
The Stewardship Team of Ark and Dove
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