Ark & Dove Library
The Library Team of Kim Champagne (Team Leader), Yewande Bayly, Amy Tardiff, Shelly Franklin, Paula Sparks, and Lori Kronser have completely reorganized our church library in the Ark and Dove Room! It was a herculean effort! Thank you to the team. The entire collection is also online. You can email the Librarians at

Ark and Dove Library Categories (as of August 2022)
Books are shelved within these categories. In the online catalog, the first tag associated with the book title also denotes its physical shelf category in the library. Other tags may be listed in order to suggest other topics the book might cover.

Reference - includes any book or periodical that should not be available for check out i.e. biblical atlases, dictionaries and commentaries. They will be marked with a special sticker with a request not to remove from the Ark and Dove Library.

Bible Study - Books that are useful for personal or small group Bible study. It could be a monograph that focuses on a particular book of the Bible or it could be a book that suggests how one might read the Bible i.e. Jonathan Walton’s “Lens of Love”.

Book Club Fiction - Mostly adult fiction, these are books that the Ark and Dove Book Club members have read together or recommended.

Children’s Ministry - These are books that might be helpful for leading a children’s ministry, not including curriculum. It also contains books that might be used for Children’s Sermons.

Christ and Christianity - These books mostly focus on the life and teachings of Jesus.

Christian Living - Books that focus on what it means to live and practice one’s faith. Books on contemplative spiritual practices, spiritual gifts discernment, Christian spirituality and mindful living could be shelved here.

Church History - Books that focus on developments, trends, key people in the history of the Christian church. Books that focus on Presbyterian Church are in their own category. The books in this category focus on topics such as Early Church history, the Reformation, the rise of Fundamentalism in America, mainstream Protestantism, church leader biographies, etc.

Discipleship Equipping - Books that help people lead ministries and small groups within the church, effective leadership practices, team building and financial stewardship. This category also includes books on outreach and church growth. They might mention “evangelism” but only in a helpful way.

Earth Care - Books that focus on creation care and environmental stewardship Grief and caregiving - Books that help people who are grieving or caring for people who are grieving or in need of compassionate care, as well as books helpful to Stephen’s Ministers.

LGBTQ - Books that relate to the understanding that God’s Love Embraces All. Includes topics relating to More Light Presbyterianism and GLEAM (ministry at Ark and Dove). This section includes books that help people understand issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community, as well as how to be an effective ally.

Parenting - Books that help parents and prospective parents, adoption-related topics, support for parents with children with disabilities. Not necessarily Christian but necessarily loving practices. 

Prayer and Devotions - Books that are collections of prayers, share useful prayer and meditation practices or contain daily devotions (such as seasonal devotions for Lent and Advent). There will probably be overlap with Christian living. If in doubt, use multiple tags.

Presbyterian Church - Books that focus on what it means to be Presbyterian, the Book of Confessions, Book of Order, PCUSA history and theology. The "Being Reformed" series books are shelved here.

Science and Theology - Books that explore the relationship between religion and science and include discussions that interconnect the study of the natural world, history, philosophy, and theology.

Social Justice - Books that focus on creating a more loving, fair and just world for everyone; for example, books that relate to the Anti-racism ministry, community organizing, immigration, and people living in poverty. Social justice could also include books about Intersectionality. There may be overlap with the LGBT+ and Women sections. When in doubt, please use multiple tags.

Theology - Books about God, who God is, the nature of God i.e. the Trinity. Books that discuss faith or believing in God, how to relate to God, God’s grace or generosity, saving and redeeming, being loved or beloved of God should be shelved here. If the book primarily focuses on Jesus, Theology could be used as an additional tag.

Youth Ministry - These are books that might be helpful for people leading a youth ministry, not including curriculum.

Women’s Studies - Books that focus on women in the Bible, the role women in the Christian church, feminism and the promotion of gender equality. 

World Religions - Books that focus on other religions and beliefs i.e. Judaism, Buddhism, Native American religions, Islam. The books might be comparative (examine multiple beliefs using a common framework) or a survey of multiple religions. References to Abraham or Abrahamic beliefs in the title might include a discussion of Judaism, Christianity and Islam commonalities and conflicts.

Worship and Arts - Books that relate to worship, especially reformed worship. Music and artwork used in the worship service, dramatic storytelling, sample copies of various hymnals are just a few examples.