Pastor Tim Stern

Pastor Tim Stern serves Ark and Dove with energy, imagination, intelligence and love. In 1991 with the support of the Presbytery of Baltimore Tim started our church. At that time we were called the Presbyterian Church in Odenton. Tim had the leadership skills and the faith needed to start a new church. He's not afraid of risks, he's a motivator, a great preacher, and he's enthusiastic about faith and helping others grow spiritually. These same qualities have helped Tim guide our congregation through the construction of our church home, the creation and expansion of children's and youth programs and adult opportunities for mission and ministry.

While Tim is serious about faith, he leads our church with humor, tolerance and open-mindedness. He cringes at the words "we've never done it that way before" and prefers "well, let's talk about it" or "let's give it a try." He's committed to welcoming new visitors warmly and making everyone feel comfortable about coming to church - whether they've been regular churchgoers or have never set foot before in a sanctuary.

A graduate of Union Seminary in New York, Tim was associate pastor at Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park, Maryland. At Woods he worked in youth ministry, mission and pastoral care. Tim is active in the Presbytery of Baltimore and is cochair of ACT (Anne Arundel Connection Together).

Tim is married to Kelly O'Hanlon Stern and has three adult children Jim, Sarah and Chelsea, granddaughter, Abigail, and grandson, Carter. He is a passionate gardener and loves hiking, biking and bird watching.

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