Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
I used to beg my parents to let us stay longer at my aunt's house at the end of Christmas day. I did not want Christmas to end. On this Christmas, when it was the end of the day spent enjoying friends, it was my son doing the begging. He did not want it all to end.
It does not have to. We don't have to stuff all the generosity and joy into one day and then go on as if it were enough. It seems the Church did not think we should do this either. In the 6th century, church leaders decreed that there are to be twelve days of Christmas. There are to be twelve days of feasting, forgiving, and philanthropy.
During these twelve days, we can continue the joyful giving. Not necessarily presents, but we can give our time to someone who does not get a lot of it. We can be generous in mind and heart to those who can make us grudging. Or we can share a talent of ours with the world. What if we woke each day of Christmastide with the resolve to be generous in some way, great or small?
It is not yet over. Christ is born to us! Let us celebrate.
See you Sunday.
Pastor Jon