Dear Members and Friends of Ark and Dove,
If you know the answer to one of these Bible trivia questions (without looking them up), I will personally give you a prize:
1. There was a young man who was apparently so bored with the preaching, that he fell asleep and out a window three floors up. What was the name of this poor young man and who was preaching?
2. What happened to the group of boys who made fun of Elisha for his baldness?
I hope you are coming to Trivia Night, tomorrow night at 6 pm. There will be trivia, fun, and food. You may even win a prize! Even better, why not come an hour early to the annual congregational meeting at 5 pm. There you will hear celebrations of 2019 and anticipations of 2020. As members of this church, we want you to be engaged in discerning God's purposes for our congregation. You won't be eligible for a prize for this part of the evening, but it will be worth your time.
I am grateful for the youth and parents who are putting on events like our Trivia Night to benefit our summer youth experiences. I am also grateful for the many, many leaders who make Ark and Dove what it is, because it is great.