Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
We are living the Christian drama in real time. Many Christian holidays celebrate this or that happening in Judaeo-Christian history throughout the year. But when we enter Holy Week, we live into a pattern of hours and days experienced by Christ and those who circled his orbit.
On Maundy Thursday, we entered a room where Jesus prepared supper for his disciples. Last night, we washed feet and partook in supper. We left not with a good word (a benediction), but the bad word of Jesus' betrayal.
Today we spend our week's end with the dark realization that Jesus spent hours on some Friday suffering on a Roman cross. He spoke a set of seven words on that day, on that cross. I invite you to contemplate them tonight during our Good Friday service at 7 pm. Spend at least an hour this day contemplating the cross and the Christ who died upon it.
Saturday was a day of grief for the first disciples, and it is a day of anticipation for disciples today. Those first followers of Jesus sat in the first waves of grief that Sabbath day: shock, horror, emptiness, surges of anger. We do well to consider the realities of many for whom evil has won and endures. What does hope look like in loss?
On this side of the resurrection, we have a hope that was not known in real time. Still, we do well to go through those movements of Holy Week: love, betrayal, denial, suffering, death, mourning, and finally resurrection. Easter morning is something different when we have contemplated the night that preceded it. I pray that resurrection hope surprises you, that you come to experience the light of life in an extraordinary way. May dawn scatter your darkness and buds burst out of cold ground. There is a new life beyond the grave, and it can transform everyday.
Come celebrate Easter with us this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 am.
Holy Week and Easter Blessings,
Pastor Jon