Message from Pastor Jon
Message from Pastor Jon
Dear Friend and Members of the Ark and Dove Community,
The domestic terrorism occurring at our nation's Capitol on Wednesday was unsurprising. Given the rhetoric of President Trump and his allies, which has been disseminated through certain media, and repeated by those angered at election results, these riots were inevitable. Unsurprising, also, was the way these protestors were treated in comparison to those under Black Lives Matter banners. Unsurprising, but deeply unsettling. The images and reports of the invasion of the Capitol increase anxiety about our present reality and the future.
When we are unsettled, we search for something steady. We may also reach for the quickest way to deal with the symptoms of unsettlement. The former is healthier than the latter. The day after the events in Washington, I witnessed several of you reach out for what has steadied you in other unsettling times: Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church. In the Friendly Seniors gathering, one member shared with depth and beauty how much the Ark and Dove community means to her--especially in this pandemic, social unrest, and political mayhem. Later, several joined a Zoom prayer vigil to offer prayers and hear the choir sing that there is yet peace like a river in the soul. The community, God gathers, steadies us when we are unsettled.
So double-down on this community. Join the fellowship hour, Bible study, Friendly Seniors, LGBTQIA+ studies, Lenten small groups (see below), choir, band, the crafting crew, and any other opportunity. The disciples here at Ark and Dove offer something that is not available elsewhere. In and among us, there is consolation, encouragement, and support founded on the life and love of Jesus Christ. With one another bound in Christ, our unsettled souls are steady.