Dear Friends and Members of Ark and Dove,
This week I listened as two men, who have been homeless as of late, talk about times when they wanted to give up because "life wasn't that good." These are men who have clearly been in the depths of despair. They are two men who have lost hope.
This morning, I arrived at Ark and Dove at 6:20 am to help transport some of our Winter Relief guests to Glen Burnie. There was a line of cars, owned by Ark and Dovers, ready to do the same. In the lobby, 5-6 Ark and Dove members went about making sure that our guests had everything they needed for the day. These members were a bit bleary-eyed from an early call, some had pillow-tousled hair, one hopped here and there on crutches, and another dug through bins of soap to find the right kind. This is what hope looks like.
Ark and Dove is a community ready and willing to do the necessary things for those in need, for the despairing, and for the hopeless. There is tremendous hope to be found in a community that sets even the first business of the day aside to care for others. The two men who almost gave up were alone in their time of despairing. This morning they were not alone. They have not been all week.
There is hope. It is evident in and through you.
Pastor Jon