Message from Pastor Tim
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Members of the Ark and Dove Community,
I was catching up on reading Christian Century Magazine last week, and I came across an article entitled 'First-Ever Nuclear Weapons Ban Goes Into Effect.'
There is now a United Nations treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons, signed by eighty nations, which prohibits countries from producing and possessing nuclear weapons and from allowing them to be stationed within their borders. Naturally the United States, and eight other nuclear nations, did not sign the treaty. Nonetheless, we are breaking international law. Most Americans tend to view our nation as being somewhat righteous, but here we are guilty of a crime.
In reading books with Ark and Dove members about antiracism, like Caste by Isabel Wilkerson and other books, I have become aware that although most Americans finally agreed slavery was immoral and should be illegal in the 1860’s, they still thought African Americans were an inferior race well into the 20th century. Yes I am aware of the many Neanderthals that inhabit our 21st century political landscape; despite their hate, science has proven that race is an illusion, a human made concept.
I wonder if the perception that we need nuclear weapons is also an illusion. At the very least we need to ask ourselves how many times over do we need the capability of destroying humanity? 100 nuclear detonations would do it. We alone have over 5000. There is a madness that governs our collective thinking. Do we not perceive it? 
Earth Day is on Thursday. It is the only one we have, and God calls us to take good care of it. May the resurrected Christ continue to breathe peace on our world.
Peace of Christ,