Message from Pastor Tim
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Member and Friends of the Ark and Dove Community,
There are three kinds of giving:
grudge giving,
duty giving,
and thanksgiving.
Grudge giving says, “I have to”;
duty giving says, “I ought to”;
thanksgiving says, “I want to”
The First comes from constraint.
The second from a sense of obligation,
The third from a full heart.
Nothing much is conveyed in grudge giving since
The gift without the giver is bare.
Something more happens in duty giving ,
But there is no song in it
Thanksgiving is an open gate into
the love of God.
These words come from a book that Robert Rodenmayer wrote in 1960 called, Thanks Be to God.
The Thanksgiving Holiday always comes In that liminal time between stewardship season and the day the Session brings the Ministry plans for the new year to the Annual meeting of the congregation in January. I say liminal because we never know in November where we will land in January. The COVID pandemic has clearly created boundaries. We do not know yet how the church, the whole church, the worldwide church in its many manifestations will come out of this massive change. Clearly we stand on the threshold to something new. Neither does Ark and Dove know what 2022 holds. I do give thanks for this congregation which has accomplished so much new ministry over the past 20 months. The love of God has been evident in the way you have held each other up.
As of this morning we have received pledges from 54 of the 160 or so households of Ark and Dove toward our Harvesting Generosity effort.
This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent and we will light the first of four candle on the Advent Wreath. Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical church year. You may want to set up your own wreath at home, especially if you are worshipping exclusively on Livestream.
Peace of Christ,