Message from Pastor Tim

Message from Pastor Tim


December 31, 2023

Dear Friends and Members of the Ark and Dove Community,

Deep thanks to our worship ministry musicians, readers, singers, ushers, techies, beadles, and staff for a great Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve Sunday. It was a terrific Sunday and your work is deeply appreciated.

This Sunday December 31, the First Sunday of Christmas is a Single Service Sunday - One Service at 10:30 AM.

They say New Year's resolutions don't have much lasting power, but intentions count for something maybe?  Best practices, honed and adopted count for more. One of the best practices we have at Ark and Dove is Long Range Planning. Every three years or so, depending on the uniqueness of the church calendar, we engage in a long range planning process. That time has come again to Ark and Dove. We have a Long Range Planning Team Chaired by Judy Cooper and Amanda Crose, populated by Admin Elder Amy Goldberg, Pat Devers, Karen Dodson, Yewande Bayly, Richard Greydanus, and Erin Caldwell.  They have been working for months to help us develop a plan for ministry for the next three to five years.  Part of their plan is to have at least 100 of us take the church assessment tool (CAT), a survey that takes from 30 to 60 minutes online. We did this about three years ago and found it extremely helpful for getting the pulse of Ark and Dove. The Long Range Planning Team will then work with our consultant Michelle Snyder and the Session to help us interpret what we hear and develop our plan. Michelle has worked with us before and we have appreciated her insights. Survey Links will be sent out in mid January.

Let there be light; The light shines in the darkness and the shadows have not overcome it, paraphrased from Genesis 1 and John 1. And in our Sanctuary, there is light. The electricians just drove away and the new dimmable LED lights have been installed; and there will be great energy savings because the original 32 300 watt incandescent fixtures and bulbs from 1996 have been replaced. Thank you to Rob Yeager for shepherding this project and to all on our Worship, Tech and Facilities Teams and Ministries who participated. Our Earth Care Team has quoted Genesis 1:31 "and it was very good."

Christmas peace to you all,


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