Message from Pastor Tim

Message from Pastor Tim




Dear Friends and Members of the Ark and Dove Community,


This Sunday we will light the rose (or pink) candle on the Advent Wreath. The Wreath grows brighter with the light and love of God. The rose candle stands for Joy. True joy comes from God. True Joy comes from God, not exclusively, but endlessly if we avail ourselves of that well of grace. True Joy may well be limitless, regenerative and life defining. True joy is like the extemporaneous out flow and outburst of faith that flowed from the lips of Mary on the pages of the Gospel of the Gospel of Luke. "My soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my savior...." This was part of the song she sang when she answered God's call to bear Jesus as her son. In her model discipleship she found joy. In her model discipleship, she inspired and inspires us to become participants in God's dream for the world. This Advent Season, the growing light on the wreath sends us forth toward the joy of the incarnation, the joy of Christmas, the joy of God embodied in Jesus.


I am looking forward to this Sunday's Christmas Pageant at the 10:30 worship service. Christmas Pageants always bring me Joy. Our Advent Preaching Series featuring Dicken's A Christmas Carol will be continued at the 9:00AM service. This 9:00AM service will not be live streamed, but it will be recorded and placed on the Ark and Dove YouTube Channel.


Blessings on your Advent journey,