Message from Pastor Tim
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Ark and Dove Community,
Our Lenten journey comes to its conclusion in Holy Week, which begins this Sunday with Palm/Passion Sunday.  Holy Week is an eight day week because Easter is the eighth day of creation; Easter is the day of resurrection. You are warmly invited and enthusiastically encouraged to celebrate Holy Week with worship. The worship services that our church offers on Palm/Passion Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are, in my mind, a package deal. If you skip any one of them, you shortchange yourself. There is something significant about walking with Jesus from the Palm Parade to the Last Supper and then to his passion, which enlivens and enriches your faith and your Easter morning alleluias. An alternative, or supplemental approach, could be to read Luke, chapters 19 through 23, during this most important week of the church year.  Because of time constraints, we don’t get to read all of these passages in church, and they offer context and add depth you your perspective.
This Palm/Passion Sunday we also will be dedicating pledges to our church’s mission and ministry. Just like last Sunday, you will be invited to come forward and lay your tithes, offerings and pledge cards on the communion table. Almost 60 households in our church have pledged to date, so we are off to a good start. You can find more information about stewardship on our website, under the giving tab.
Lastly, if you are concerned about gun violence in our community and country, you may want to save Sunday afternoon, May 5, on your calendar. Rabbi Joel Mosbacher will be presenting a path to preventing gun violence, which is called Do Not Stand Idly By and endorsed by many IAF affiliates, like ACT, across the country.  Rabbi Mosbacher from New York will be speaking at our sister ACT congregation Mt Olive. in Annapolis at 3:00pm; see article below.
Peace of Christ,
Pastor Tim
The right Tim S Stern
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