Message from Pastor Tim

Message from Pastor Tim


September 15, 2023

Dear Friends and Members of the Ark and Dove Community,

Tomorrow is the 900th meeting of the Presbytery of Baltimore. The first meeting was held in 1786. The meeting will be held at the Mt Paran Presbyterian Church in Randallstown, which is our oldest church, founded in 1713 or 1715 depending on your perspective. I don't usually geek out on history, but I thought you might be curious. Mt. Paran has its roots in colonial times but is today a multicultural church with a large portion of members coming from Africa.  

As I mentioned in August, the Presbytery meeting is significant to us because Pastor Jenn will be examined on her sense of call to Ark and Dove. She already has been examined by her home Presbytery - Los Ranchos on her fitness for ministry. In fact, she will be ordained at Saint Mark's Presbyterian Church, her home church on October 8.  I am assuming that all will go well tomorrow, so I want you to hold the afternoon of October 15 open at 4:00 PM. That is the date and time of her installation service here at Ark and Dove, (still waiting for some approvals). An installation service is an important milestone in a Pastor's journey and members of Presbytery will be present. There will be a reception afterwards and we will need some help with that as this is a special for Ark and Dove and Jenn.  I know there are many steps to calling and or ordaining and or installing a pastor, but that is because the Presbyterian Church takes ordination and calls to ministry very seriously. 

Peace to you on this glorious day!


Reminder, I will never ask you to buy a gift card for the Church.