Message from Pastor Tim
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Members and Friends of the Ark and Dove Community,
I never studied French, but my mother did, and apparently we never closed the door as children because half the French I know is the following phrase: Ferme la porte après toi s'il vous plait. (translation here)
She said it quite often. Sometimes other phrases were added, and lets just say I knew that "dam" had a homonymn at a tender age.   I also know (okay, I studied German in high school) RSVP--répondez s'il vous plait--basically means please respond.
As always you are invited and warmly encouraged to attend worship at Ark and Dove. Right now we are offering outdoor worship at 9:15 every other week and indoor in-person worship, which is also livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook at 10:30. (Don’t forget the Lobby at 10:15) We have been requesting that you RSVP for in-person worship.
Here is the homonym wrinkle: people are being pretty casual about the RSVPs.  The Session would deeply appreciate it if you would follow the link here in the Arkive, so we know how many are coming, and you are not the missing link. Why? What a pain. Seriously? Yes, seriously – we want to make sure we are prepared to accommodate you and just in case there is possible exposure to COVID, we want to be able to provide contact tracing to the Health Department if asked. At the very least we want to send you an e-mail to let you know that someone in worship had COVID. Yes, we are all masked and the danger is highly mitigated by the wearing of masks, but we are called to treat each other like children of God (you know get vaccinated), and we are called to protect all the children of God, especially those who are still children.
We are going to get through this pandemic, we are, with God’s help.
The piece of Christ be with you. (Think homonym.)