Prelude to the Next Twenty-five Years! 2017-2018

Prelude to the Next Twenty-five Years! We celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation last Sunday, and Ark and Dove has always lived by the motto – the Church Reformed and Ever Reforming.  We are truly a church, and a congregation, that is never satisfied (in a good way).  We are always striving to find that something more to make us more relevant in today’s society.

This can be seen in our embracing technology in worship with video screens for dynamic content, new electric drums for quieter percussions and even synthesizer pipe organs recently at the “traditional” service so we can hear Martin Luther’s A Mighty Fortress is Our God the way it was originally intended.

This can also be seen in Mission as we extend past our ongoing efforts like Sarah’s House, Winter Relief and CAP to add broader efforts like Refugee Resettlement, the IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation), and antiracism efforts. There are many other examples in our other Ministries where this never-ending push to improve can also be found, but as we look to the Prelude of our next 25 years, how do we want to continue this growth?

Can we make spiritual growth, for our youth and adults, better by updating our classrooms to allow for internet and streaming content as part of the curricula?  Can we add funded training opportunities for our staff and volunteers to extend our ministries within and beyond our congregation?  Can we employ some paid staff to help maintain our facilities and make them even more accessible to the community?  Can we continue to improve our technology by adding a mobile version of our website that is more accessible in our wireless age, and improved giving opportunities like square or Apple pay to align with our growing cash and checkless society?  Most importantly, can we ensure that every member of Ark and Dove has opportunities to serve and grow in support of our church and all our teams are fully staffed and equipped to fulfill our God inspired ministries?

All of this and more are possible, but only if each of us helps to make this happen.  Please look for your own personal Prelude (monetary and non-monetary) and help make this future our reality.

~ Steve Debus, Discipleship Elder,